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After 25 years of business development, Industrias Fergonvi is a meat industry specializing in the manufacture of “zarajos” and the commercialization of all ovine chitterling products.

At the inception of its activities, it concentrated on the manufacture and distribution of Cuenca’s traditional “zarajo”.  To the present day, our product is the only one which is still produced in the traditional way using totally natural vine leaves from our own vineyards which give the “zarajo” this exquisite and unique taste.

Afterwards and with consolidated experience in this sector, Fergonvi paved the way for the manufacture of other products, wagering on the preparation of “madejas” and “embuchados” thus expanding its market to a new clientele.

After gathering its raw materials for many years from various national slaughter houses, the chance of creating a new line of business emerges within the sector which is focused on the packaging and distribution of ovine chitterling products  which is all controlled under strict hygiene and sanitation control during all the production stages.  

This growth covering new products and markets has been possible thanks to the basic values of the company which are focused on wagering on quality, hygiene, efficiency and efficacy at all stages.  

Industrias Fergonvi distributes its products at national level either by means of its own distribution lorries or via collaborating refrigeration transport.

Nowadays the second generation continues its path with a firm step facing a future which promises great business expectations.  



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